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The 700 or so people who tuned into the InsTech London hosted UK Leg of the ITC + DIA World Tour heard from some of the very best UK insurtechs, each addressing fundamental insurance needs and coverage gaps and in so doing making the world a better place. 

We were therefore delighted when the audience voted for Bequest as the winning startup, which had much to do with the passion and enthusiasm that underpinned Founder James Buckley-Thorp's excellent pitch. His determination to make life insurance better, fairer and more accessible shone through and won the day. Stamping out of the anachronistic suicide exclusion being an excellent example of their mission.

Commenting on the announcement, James said: “We’re thrilled Bequest has been selected as the UK's representative at ITC Global. We will wave the UK flag and use their global stage to share how technology can make life insurance more accessible to the millions of uninsured and underinsured with a focus on wellbeing."

You can watch the event again using the video player below. 

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